Business meetings and integrations

In our Apartments we organize events that differ from the business meeting scenarios you know. Each of the four apartments is adapted to meetings or workshops for 10 people, which in total translates into a team of 40.


Business meetings and training outside the office space require finding a place whose atmosphere will foster care for relationships, increase professional results and benefit the development of your company. Company meetings at the Harmonia Apartments in Ustroń, near the Vistula Boulevards, surrounded by greenery, in a place that motivates creativity and positive energy flowing from the four elements, are the best choice.

We provide you with:

  • Modern spacious living room
  • Wifi Internet
  • TV with audio connection
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Coffee break facilities
  • Catering from an exceptional restaurant
  • Dressing room
  • Free parking
  • The luxury rooms are of course an additional advantage


We will take care of professionalism in every way!


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closeness to nature and art!

On the walls of our apartments you can admire the extraordinary creativity Artists from Zabrze: Anna Borkowska. Each apartment, not by accident, greets guests with a painting entitled "Harmony 2". Images from the Fleeting, Water, Golden, London or In the Clouds series perfectly fit into the nature of our apartments and refer to the power of four elements that constantly mix with each other.

All paintings are available on the artist's website

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