Nature and attractions

  • Czantoria Cable Railway

    Kolej Linowa Czantoria Sp. z o.o. it is primarily a detachable cable car with 4-seater sofas. The upper cableway station is located at an altitude of 851 m above sea level. The time of going up is about 8-10 minutes. Easier and more comfortable getting in and out due to the modern technical solution, which causes the couches within the platform to automatically slow down their gear.

  • Równica

    Równica - a mountain peak with a height of 884.6 m above sea level in a branch of the Wiślański Range in the Silesian Beskids, located between the Vistula and Brennica valleys. The slopes and the top itself are covered with forests, mainly beech and mixed.

  • eXtreme Park

    The Mountain Amusement Park is located at the top of the Równica mountain, 885 m above sea level, in a branch of the Wiślański Range in the Silesian Beskids, between the Vistula and Brennica valleys. Równica is a mountain that has been shrouded in legends for many years, and the old inhabitants of Ustroń often call it Diablą Góra. Tourists are attracted by unforgettable views, a banquet inn with regional food and great attractions such as the Rollercoaster Spherical Cinema or 7D Cinema. Our Park is currently one of the most famous and recognized amusement parks located in the Beskids.

  • Uzdrowisko Ustroń

    Our health resort is located in the heart of the Silesian Beskids. It is an extremely picturesque mountain range that is part of the Polish Beskids. Clean air reaches ideal humidity here, making it a perfect place to rest, regenerate and recover quickly. It is also a region especially recommended for people who have had heart and respiratory diseases.

  • Forest Park of Surprises

    Leśny Park Niespodzianek is a unique place not only for children, but also for lovers of forest nature. Mouflons and fallow deer move freely in the forest, and from behind the fence you can watch bisons, deer and roe deer, wild boars, wildcats, raccoon dogs and even raccoons. Unusual places in the Park are the falconry and owlery as well as the very popular (organized in aviaries) falcon and owl flight shows. Other forms of education and fun were also considered through interesting exhibits, films and multimedia presentations. Children will be happy to visit Fairy Tale Alley and the playground. The Forest Park of Surprises invites tourists all year round. photo

  • Bulwary wiślańskie

    The Vistula boulevards in Ustroń is a popular modern promenade, serving walkers, as well as amateurs of "Nordic walking", cross-country skis and cyclists. The illuminated road is also used in winter. The Ustroń Cross-country Ski School has marked out 6 km of routes here for amateurs of classic and free style. The boulevards are adjacent to (in the area of the center of the summer resort) the Kuracyjny Park, in which the Ustroński Amphitheater is located - a place of many cultural and entertainment events.

closeness to nature and art!

On the walls of our apartments you can admire the extraordinary creativity Artists from Zabrze: Anna Borkowska. Each apartment, not by accident, greets guests with a painting entitled "Harmony 2". Images from the Fleeting, Water, Golden, London or In the Clouds series perfectly fit into the nature of our apartments and refer to the power of four elements that constantly mix with each other.

All paintings are available on the artist's website

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